Do A Little Jig!

Simple Irish jig and reel steps, combined with classic aerobic exercise moves, provide an easy, fun workout for all ages and fitness levels. Inspired by both Irish step dancing and traditional ceili (Irish group dancing) dance steps, Eirerobics provides a great cardio workout, while making you feel like an Irish dancer.

Design your own workout. Advanced DVD format allows you to play all, or pick your favorite routines. Choose from two audio options and dance with or without commentary. Or choose one of the short workouts: “Beginning Irish”, “Jigs Only” or “Eirerobics Mix.” It’s a terrific way to lift your heart rate while lifting your spirits!

So, come join Diane and her friends – grandmothers, mothers and singles, from all walks of life. Come back to the crossroads, and as the proverb says, “Dance As If No One Were Watching”.

DVD also includes separate step instruction section and a brief overview of the history of dance in Ireland.

NOTE: This is not an instruction DVD in Irish dancing. It is an exercise program, inspired by Irish dance steps, using traditional dance music.

Featuring Cady Finlayson on fiddle.

5.0 out of 5 stars Irish Dance based aerobics , January 7, 2008

By Kailani Gerych (Cowen, WV. United States)

I highly recommend this exercise tape(DVD) – Irish Dance Based Aerobics! i am of Irish blood and have been enjoying learning more about “my roots” – including culture, which of course envelopes dance. But, even if you are not Irish, and are just looking for a great way to stick to a good, fun exercise program – this is the one for you. enjoy!