Barefoot Core Workout presents a detailed overview of a full-body routine that starts by having the exercisers take their shoes off. Starting the workout at the bottom (i.e., bare feet) enables all of the muscles through an individual’s entire kinetic chain to work together in functional movements along three planes of motion, thereby challenging the exerciser’s whole body. The DVD reviews the fact that this program can be done as either a warm-up or as a full-body exercise routine. The DVD also explains how any one of the exercises can be incorporated into a personal training program. Among the topics covered: the rationale for incorporating some barefoot exercises into an individual’s personal training program, movements and exercises that start by standing and walking with various lunge patterns, upper- and lower-body progressions that make a person’s entire body work together as a unit, and tips for incorporating any or all of the movements into a personal training program. Produced in cooperation with the American Council on Exercise. This dvd is educational in nature- not a workout.