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How It Works

How KineticFlix works
How many DVDs can I check out at once?
That depends on your plan. We have 1, 2 or 3 out-at-a-time packages, including unlimited monthly rentals. If you sign up for the 3-DVD-at-a-time package, you can have up to three DVDs in your possession at once. Mulitple DVD packages allow you to have a DVD in transit while you still have at least one to watch!

Let's say for example, that you sign up for the three-DVD plan. If you return one DVD to us, we'll send out one?DVD from your KineticFlix DVD Request List (the first available title starting at the top of your list). If you send back two DVDs, then we'll send you the next two available DVDs on your Request List, and so forth.

Are all DVDs in stock at all times?
We have multiple copies of most of our titles. However, when a title is extremely popular, it may be at the top of the DVD Request List for many of our subscribers. We will purchase as many of these titles as we can to meet the demand, but we cannot guarantee the exact date that you will receive any particular DVD.

There are some DVDs that I'd like to see, but they're not available on your site.
We actively solicit your suggestions for titles that we can add to our library and offer to our members. On each of the pages of our site, there's a box that's specifically for you to Request a Product. If you don't remember the exact title or performer, give us as much information as you can, including the place where you saw the item for sale, if possible. If you want, you can add your email address so that we can contact you, but that is not required. Or you can ask us to add additional titles in any category or even a new one! We'll get right to work trying to find the items you request.
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