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Zen*Ga Flow with the Mini Stability Ball - Stott Pilates

Zen*Ga Flow with the Mini Stability Ball - Stott Pilates View large image
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Achieve results and engage in Mindful Movement. Activate your core muscles and challenge your balance as you move throguh this flowing workout. The lightweight flexible Mini Stability Ball will add a new dynamic to your Matwork , promoting Mindful Movement. This total-body routine thoroughly works the deep muscle systems of the body!

5.0 out of 5 stars GREAT WORKOUT ALERT!!!

By TRH on September 13, 2012

ZEN*GA FLOW w/the Mini Stability Ball is an advanced and well-varied total body workout. The usual breathing warm-up was thankfully omitted (proper breathing during Pilates IS important, but spending the whole warm-up on it is not), and new moves were introduced. After particularly strenuous exercises, Kim gave much needed recovery moves to relieve the tension. The 53-minute workout raised my heartrate at times because strength was needed to maintain certain positions, and I felt my core working extra hard with the exercises placing one foot on the ball. I got through 3/4 of the workout with relative ease, but when it came to lunges with one knee on the ball, that stability ball was anything but stable! Even though there were not a lot of alternative movements offered if you couldn't complete, I would still highly recommend ZEN*GA FLOW as an excellent addition to your workout program.
Pilates, Strength & Conditioning
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