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Your First Real Dance Class #3 - Louis McKay

Your First Real Dance Class #3 - Louis McKay View large image
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Tanya and Louis McKay's unique style and ability to train young dancers in a fun and easy way is sheer pleasure to watch. The excitement on my daughter's face each time we put Your First Real Dance Class in the DVD player and she begins 'class' is contagious. She can't wait to start all over again. This DVD series has been a great addition to my daughters studio dance instruction. Thanks Tanya and Louis for a Great product! --Sonya Litner - dance mom

Wow! Finally a REAL class for a change. Bravo! --T. Adams - Dancer and Instructor, The Edge Dance Studio
About the Actor

LOUIS A. McKAY could be best described as the original 'Cinderella Man' of dance. It is the story of how a man with fewer than three 'formal' dance lessons performed with the entertainment's best, featured on television talk shows of the time (including Johnny Carson Show, The Mike Douglas Show, the John Davidson Show, Sonny and Cher Show) and grew into an international award-winning choreographer and master instructor. Best known for his jazz and tap choreography, he is the son of an opera tenor father and a Julliard-trained vocalist mother. Louis began singing at the age of six in local San Diego venues such as the San Diego Opera Company and the Starlight Theater. At the age of 20 he found himself in Hollywood chasing a dream. Within days of arriving in Hollywood, he landed an agent with the second largest talent agency of the time, the Cunningham Agency, and was taking one of three lessons at the famed Al Gilbert Tap Studio with one of tap's best, Pat Rico. He also had attracted the attention of one of Hollywood's legends, Debbie Reynolds.

Louis has dedicated the past 25 years to teaching his craft to others. 'I teach to each student's individual's skill level and understanding of movement. I don't believe in two left feet. If you can walk, you can dance. That's what I try to bring to each of my classrooms and instill that same philosophy with all of my new up-and-coming jazz and tap instructors and students.'

Tanya McKay, a classically trained ballerina at the Pacific Northwest Ballet School, has been training, rehearsing and teaching for more than 30 years alongside her husband, Louis McKay.
Louis McKay, Tanya McKay
Instructional, Jazz, Tap
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