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XTFMAX Personal Trainer Endurance Series - Stephanie Oram

XTFMAX Personal Trainer Endurance Series - Stephanie Oram View large image
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Back & Biceps (26 min.) - We focus on the entire back and the biceps with high reps, lighter weights in this muscle endurance building workout.

Cardio (26 min.) - Build cardiovascular endurance by strengthening the heart in this fat burning, longer exercise duration, sweat-inducing workout.

Chest, Shoulders & Abs (39 mins.) - The target is building stamina in the chest, shoulders and abdominal wall in the workout. The benefit is sculpting all those muscles!

Legs, Triceps & Core (27 mins.) - With high reps in the legs and triceps, while also targeting the core, you will get lean muscles in no time.

5.0 out of 5 stars First Impression-GREAT PROGRAM!!

Bydj2gether4everon May 20, 2016

As this program has just been released, I have not gone through the entire 90 days, so I can't give a complete review of the program yet. I have glanced at all of the workouts and this looks like it could be the best set X-TrainFit has EVER put out. The program has 12 workouts on 3 DVDs- Endurance Series, Fat Shred Series and Strength Series (4 workouts per DVD- 3 resistance,1 cardio). The workouts range between 22-42 mins, which is perfect for me. Stephanie does not do the workout. She instructs one participant (Karen) through the whole series, giving excellent tips on form and modifications through each workout. It comes with a nutrition guide and a 90-day calender, so you know exactly what workout to do each day. The program is broken down into four 3-week phases and a one week "Finishing Touch" phase- 13 weeks total. This is the next best thing to having a personal trainer in your home.

Stephanie Oram
Aerobics / Cardio / Step, Strength & Conditioning
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