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XTFMAX One On One #2 - Stephanie Oram

XTFMAX One On One #2 - Stephanie Oram View large image
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XTFMAX One On One #1 Lower Body & Total Body

Go One on One with Stephanie Oram and XTFMAX. Taking a break from the rest of the group, Stephanie guides you through an intense series of tough workouts designed to shed fat and build long lean muscle in only 25 minutes each day.

If you want to melt away fat, build lean muscle and get serious about your fitness, then join Stephanie Oram in XTFMAX. One on One includes 5 interval workouts that target various body parts in each workout. Pyramid your way through the workouts to get maximum results. Modification levels are demonstrated with each exercise so regardless if you are a beginner, or ready to take it to the next level athletically, this workout is for you. Each workout features a grand total of 420 reps, starting with the maximum number of twenty, you pyramid down from there. XTFMAX One on One can be used on its own to shred fat over 30 days, or incorporate with the original XTFMAX for an intense 90 day program.

Only dumbbells or resistance bands are needed to get in the best shape of your life.

Disc #1

Lower body, 22 Mins - Focuses on the glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves with multiple strength exercises and cardio bursts interlaced throughout.

Total Body, 26 Mins - No muscle is untouched as the total body is challenged while we get the body lean with sweat inducing cardio and toning.

Disc #2

Abs, 27 Mins - Whittle that waist with various crunches, planks, and more while alternating different fat burning moves.

Arms, 22 Mins - Target the biceps, triceps and shoulders with varying strength moves while incorporating calorie burning cardio moves throughout.

Chest & Back, 23 Mins - Focus on all parts of your back and chest. A short cardio recovery between each lift gets the heart pumping.

Equipment Needed: A light, medium and heavy set of dumbbells or bands.
Stephanie Oram
Strength & Conditioning
Release year:
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