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Walk Strong: Burn Fat & Have Fun - Jessica Smith

Walk Strong: Burn Fat & Have Fun - Jessica Smith View large image
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Let’s have a little fun by getting creative with walking-based exercise! While we mix up our moves often to avoid muscle imbalances and joint strain, walking is always our base move and something you can always return to at any time.
Mix and match these walks into your weekly workout schedule (we recommend alternating them with your favorite strength + flexibility training routines 2-4 days a week).
Don’t miss our other titles in this series, our “Walk STRONG: Boost Metabolism + Muscle” and “Walk STRONG: Build Balance + Inner Strength” for some great options! You can also use these workouts in conjunction with our “Walk STRONG: Total Transformation 6 Week System!”
Visit to download our free, printable “Phase III” calendar which includes our suggested 6 week schedule.
WALK #1: STEADY, READY, GO! – The purpose of this low impact, high intensity interval session is to improve your aerobic capacity, fitness level and even boost your metabolism. Our timed intervals are designed to help you challenge yourself without burning out for maximum results and energy.
MILEAGE EQUIVALENT: Approx. 2.5 miles
WALK #2: STRIDE AND STEP – We’ll focus on adding intensity with a bit of an incline to boost your burn while developing agility, coordination and spatial awareness. And, not to worry, you can still get a great workout without the step – watch our modifier Debbie, age 60, for options as she demonstrates the entire walk on the floor.
WALK #3: HAVE A BALL! – This walk incorporates the use of a small playground ball to increase core muscle recruitment, improve hand-eye coordination add an extra element of fun. Don’t have a ball on hand? Keep an eye on Debbie – she’ll be using a hand towel as an alternative option.
Jessica Smith
Aerobics / Cardio / Step, Fitness & Sports DVDs, Strength & Conditioning, Walking/Running/Treadmill, Weight Loss
Release year:
Running time:
90 min.
For Rental: Available now


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