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Walk Slim 5 Really Big Miles - Leslie Sansone

Walk Slim 5 Really Big Miles - Leslie Sansone View large image
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YOU CAN WALK ANYWHERE from one to five miles and firm up your midsection with fitness expert Leslie Sansone's WALK SLIM 5 REALLY BIG MILES DVD. ''The small area in front of your television or computer, and a pair of comfortable walking shoes, is all you will need to start walking one to five miles at home. There is no fancy equipment or complicated steps, just pop in a workout video and follow me for a slimmer, trimmer body'' says Sansone, who leads you on total-body conditioning walks, but also uses specific cueing that zeroes in on your middle muscles during and after each walking routine. Safe for all ages and fitness levels, her at-home workouts are world famous. So, lace up your walking shoes and get started!

5.0 out of 5 stars Great New Fast Paced Workout From Leslie! October 5, 2011

By degsf

Just got Leslie's new DVD and I love it! It's a 5 mile workout with lots of different moves and fresh new music --including a few songs I know and can sing along with. Mile 1 is a nice fast paced walk with a big group of walkers. Mile 2 incorporates strength training with a stretchy band, but incorporates it with walking so you don't lose your cardio by stopping to do the band. Mile 3 is a fast paced, 12 minute mile. Mile 4 is a mini boot camp with intervals of walking and strength training with the stretchy band. These middle miles have smaller groups of walkers with Leslie. The 5th mile is back to the big group to finish up. This DVD has separate tracks for warm up, cool down and stretch so it's easy to customize a workout that is shorter than the whole 5 miles. I've done a lot of Leslie DVDs -- this one is definitely a nice change of pace and a great fast-paced walking workout!
Leslie Sansone
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70 min.
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