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Walk On: 21 Day Weight Loss Plan Disc #2 - Jessica Smith

Walk On: 21 Day Weight Loss Plan Disc #2 - Jessica Smith View large image
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This 21-Day Weight Loss Workout Plan Slims, Sculpts and Relieves Stress! Created by fitness expert Jessica Smith, this all-new program is the most effective, efficient and FUN way to get fit, have more energy and improve your health. Featuring 4, unbeatable 30-Minute walking-based workouts that combine low impact, calorie burning cardio, metabolism boosting strength training, 360-degree standing abs conditioning, plus flexibility and stress relief, this plan will maximize your energy and fat burning potential! Whether you are just starting to exercise or have been walking for years, there are options for all levels with this plan! Walks Include: 30-Minute Cardio Core Build a strong, flat, pulled in waistline and burn more calories with this standing, 360-degree abs session! 30-Minute Low Impact HIIT This joint friendly, interval walk is designed to help you progress gradually into higher intensity work for maximum fat burning benefit and safety. 30-Minute Tred and Shred This interval strength session combines resistance training with walking to make it easy (and even fun!) to build metabolically active lean muscle mass.

Optional Equipment: Dumbbells

30-Minute Stride, Stretch and Relax This recovery session is designed to get your blood flowing, boost your mood and help stretch out sore, tight muscles.

Equipment used: A sturdy, high back chair
Jessica Smith
Aerobics / Cardio / Step, Strength & Conditioning, Walking/Running/Treadmill
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