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Vitality (Senior Exercise Program) - Curtis Adams

Vitality (Senior Exercise Program) - Curtis Adams View large image
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Named #1 senior exercise program. This 45 minute easy-to-follow senior exercise DVD was specifically designed for senior citizens age 55 plus. The exciting blend of boxing inspired cardio, core and strength training will help you REGAIN ENERGY, BOOST STAMINA, INCREASE HEART HEALTH, and RESTORE FLEXIBILITY. Every exercise has been modified giving you the option to perform the exercises either sitting in a chair or standing making Vitality perfect for all fitness levels. This seated/standing option means this exercise video will grow with you as you develop from beginner to a more advanced fitness level. Increase your balance and reduce falls with the balance segment. This fitness video is sure to get you moving towards better health and wellness. Curtis Adams, host, is nothing short of amazing. His sincere compassion and charisma shine through as he instructs, motivates, and teaches techniques to prevent falls and increase strength safely in older adults. Health Benefits Include: Regain Energy,Improve Balance, Stimulate Muscle Development, Refine Motor Skills and Coordination, Boost Stamina and Increase Heart Health, Restore Flexibility, and Improve Range of Motion. Equipment needed: sturdy chair, light dumbbells (optional)
Curtis Adams
Aerobics / Cardio / Step, Kick Boxing / Martial Arts, Senior Fitness, Specialty, Strength & Conditioning
Running time:
45 min.
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