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Total Stretch - Jessica Smith

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Total Stretch: Improve Range of Motion, Increase Functional Flexibility + Rejuvenate Your Entire Body by Jessica Smith
Regular stretching can help keep muscles flexible, strong and healthy and is an important part of any regular exercise program. Maintaining flexibility at all ages and stages of life helps to enable a full range of motion in the joints, which can aid in the relief of tightness, strain and even pain.
This flexibility focused program is designed to help you fit consistent stretching in to your regular routine without having to go to extremes (or to the gym or yoga studio). Stretch in the privacy and comfort of your home any time you like with this video that contains three complete sessions:
Session #1: Deep Stretch (30 Minutes) – Slow down and breathe deep as we focus on relaxing stretching technique.
Session #2: Dynamic Stretch (33 Minutes) – This active stretch series increases range of motion and mobility with smooth, controlled movements that can also serve as a thorough warm up to any workout.
Session #3: Total Stretch (17 Minutes) – Perfect for when you are pressed for time, this concise, total body stretch series can serve as a solo flexibility session or a great wind down after cardio or strength exercise.
EQUIPMENT USED: A mat or towel is all that is required, but the use of a chair, pillow and/or folded blanket may be added to bolster some of the poses. Floor work is included to maximize the full benefit of certain stretches or poses and may be made more comfortable with the aid of a pillow or bolster and use of a chair, demonstrated within the video when appropriate.
Jessica Smith
Dance DVDs, Dance Fitness, Fitness & Sports DVDs, Stretching
Release year:
Running time:
80 min.
For Rental: Highly Requested


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