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The Firm™ Express Cycle 4 Overdrive - Cardio

The Firm™ Express Cycle 4 Overdrive - Cardio View large image
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The Firm has packaged this workout program in a thirty-day, 4-cycle system arranged in a unique progression specifically sequenced to optimize weight loss and sculpt long, lean muscles. Each cycle includes three revolutionary workouts for a total of 12 power-packed DVDs based on cutting-edge fitness and designed to help you achieve maximum results in minimum time. Also included is a bonus DVD with two workouts that are designed to kick start your metabolism and jump start your weight loss.

During each cycle, The Firm Express will ignite your metabolism by blending cardio and sculpting together with mini bursts that rev the metabolism to produce an after-burn effect so you'll keep burning calories even after your workout is complete. It's The Firm's fastest and most effective weight loss plan yet.


-A revolutionary technique called mini bursts, or quick blast intervals provides a boost to your weight loss

-Also incorporates The Firm's powerful Cardio + Sculpt fitness method

-30-day, 4-cycle system specifically sequenced to optimize weight loss

-Each cycle includes 3 unique workouts Exercise less for faster results in half the time of regular cardio

-(3) 20-minute workouts a week to see results

-Burn up to 9 times more fat than traditional cardio workouts

-24/7 fat burning your body will continue to burn calories long after your workout is over

-Flatten abs through constant core muscle engagement

-The Firm utilizes a revolutionary sculpting and toning technique

Cycle 1: Ignite

Rev your body and get ready for great results.

Cycle 2: Accelerate

Carve and Firm muscles while blasting calories.

Cycle 3: Turbocharge

Lean out your physique with the best in cardio coupled with muscle toning exercises.

Cycle 4: Overdrive

Now your body is primed for burning overall body fast, blasting belly fat, and sculpting beautifully defined muscles.

Bonus DVD

Kick Start Your Metabolism, Pump It Up, and Shortcut to Flat Abs

4.0 out of 5 stars Total Body Workout, April 19, 2011

By Anyhu09 (GRAND PRAIRIE, TX, US)135 of 141 people found the following review helpful:

My husband and I had originally purchased P90x to workout. After a few months of skipping workouts (because each one was an hour! Who has an hour every day to workout?), I started looking for other options and found The Firm Express: Get Thin in 30. It's perfect! When people ask how the workouts are, I describe it as the girls' version of P90. Each workout is only 20 minutes! (perfect!). I was surprised how hard the workouts are. Each workout is a total body workout, so The Firm provides you with a workout plan of 3 days a week. They also tell you how much weight to aim for when you're in certain DVD "cycles". For example, cycle one the recommended weight range is 5-8pounds, but for cycle four it's 8-15pounds. I used to love to workout, but lets face it, I'm married, work full-time, and go to school. The 20 minute workouts provide me with everything I was looking for from a workout system (toning and cardio). The Firm says you'll see results in 10 workouts, and I did! It wasn't anything drastic, but I could tell my legs were more tone. Even my husband could tell a slight difference. I continue to do workout (aiming for the 3 times per week) and I continue to notice that my legs are more tone. I can actually feel a bicep muscle when I flex! Who would have thought that 20 minute workouts would have such good results! And in such a short amount of time. I think I've been using The Firm for about a month now. The Firm is challenging and rewarding. I was a little worried because each week there's a new trainer/instructor on the DVD, but I love all of them! They are all very motivating, and they do the workout the entire time, if you don't rest, they don't rest. The 8 second "bursts" are challenging too. I was very surprised at the quality of this DVD set. I would recommend it to anyone!
Kelsie Daniels
Aerobics / Cardio / Step, Strength & Conditioning
Release year:
Running time:
20 min.
For Rental: Available now


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Member Reviews

One of the best in the Firm Express series. Kelsie is a wonderful instructor, and this disc is a fun kickboxing routine that brings on the sweat. It's not too hard to follow, but some coordination is needed. The instructors in the Firm Express are intent on hitting the beat of the music and doing fixed repetitions. This is not a big deal with the Cardio disc, but those who have difficulty with quick changes should preview before doing the workout.


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