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Teen Meta Disc #4 - Tracy Anderson

Teen Meta Disc #4 - Tracy Anderson View large image
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Created by Tracy Anderson for the special demands of teen bodies - but great for the rest of us too!.

Fitness expert Tracy Anderson believes in empowering women of all ages through providing the tools to shape a woman’s body at every stage, shape, and size. The latest development in her method, Teen Meta, is a revolutionary, at-home fitness program that is tailored to firm, strengthen, and shape the bodies of young, teen women everywhere. The DVD features three levels of muscular structure design and two cardio dance components to help teens achieve the healthy and slender body they desire.

Teen Meta differs from Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson in that it is designed to target one body type as opposed to four, as teens’ bodies are still developing. and includes a step-by-step instruction component to Tracy’s dance cardio. Filmed with the help of an inner-city dance troupe in Los Angeles, Tracy allows girls of all shapes and sizes to learn her dance routines, while having a blast and shaping their bodies!

5.0 out of 5 stars Not just for teens February 23, 2013

By Nanyamka Sandusky

This video comes with three different Muscular Structure sequences with a band. It also comes with 2 cardio components. I really like the backdrop of teen meta. It's so much more colorful than Metamorphosis. If you think this video is just for teens you're wrong. This workout really worked my arms, legs, abs and even the cardio was pretty tough. The cardio is not as tough as Meta cardio but its a lot more fun. There is a change in music from the original Meta. It's more upbeat. I loved working out with the bands. I actually liked the Teen Meta better than the original Metamorphosis. It is definitely worth the buy even if your not a teen. The first cardio component is twenty minutes and has Tracy jumping around for twenty minutes. It's better than Meta because she step touches at times and the music makes it all more bearable. The second cardio component I have not completed because I am still learning the dance moves. She has the teens with her learning the dance steps. I think I almost have the moves down.

It's a great workout for anyone who is in pretty good shape.
Tracy Anderson
Aerobics / Cardio / Step, Dance Fitness, Dance Fitness, Kid's Dance, Kid's Fitness, Specialty, Strength & Conditioning
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