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Tap is a Snap - Bella Dancerella

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Learn to tap the Bella way! With Bella's 30 minute dvd, you will learn the fundamentals of tap dance. Become a tap star as Bella teaches you the popular dance step by step. Join Bella and her friends as they dance, sing, and have fun the toe tapping way!

5.0 out of 5 stars Fun with a few surprises!, January 26, 2012

By L. Hammond (VA)

This review is from: Bella Dancerella ~ Tap is a Snap! (DVD)

We really enjoyed Bella Dancerella Swan Lake and Bella Dancerella Cinderella, so we decided to branch out and try Tap is a Snap. I was surprised by the differences in style and production quality. This video has a very "Elmo" or "Sesame Street" feel to it, complete with dancing ponies (people in large plush costumes), "Stamp and Stomp" which are two puppet tap shoes, and the hand-drawn scenery like you might see in an Elmo video. Corky is fun, and adds an unexpected element of humor to the video, along with an encouraging story of seeing someone who thought they could never learn to dance overcome that feeling and of course, dance like a pro in the end.

I like how the basics are previewed with close-ups of the feet before they do them in a song, and I also like the "clap and tap" game they do - it teaches good rhythm and makes it fun for my kids. My 3 year old is the real dance fanatic, and she loves this! My boy/girl 6-yr-old twins also enjoy watching it, and will dance along sometimes, too. There is nothing offensive in it, and they even use a few little clips of Ginger Rogers dancing in the background.

The other surprise about this video is that Bella has an heavy Austrailian (or New Zealand?) accent! I thought it might be the same girl who played Bella in the Swan Lake video, because they do look similar, but clearly this was made outside of the US. I kind of like that my kids can learn to understand even thickly accented English.

The only things I don't like about the video is that some of the basic steps are not explained in words, you have to figure it out by watching (like the difference between a stamp and a stomp), and I was a little put-off at first by the production style. But after I saw how much my kids enjoyed it (even my 1 year old likes to watch and dance!), I am pleased.
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