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Tap Dance Made Easy - Vol. 6: Advanced - Eli Newsom

Tap Dance Made Easy  - Vol. 6: Advanced - Eli Newsom View large image
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Tap Dance Made Easy Vol 6: Advanced puts your tap skills to the test. While there are many ways to define advanced , we have structured VOLUME 6 to be a natural progression from the previous videos in this series. This video features intermediate and advanced steps such as wings, pullbacks, rolling graboffs, challenging time steps, and more! Included in this DVD:

Fast tempo Warmups:

Hop shuffle (rolling shuffles) warmup

Double shuffle warmup

Pickup warmup

Flap Heel wamup

Advanced Tap Essentials:



Rolling Graboffs

Double Cincinnati

Maxi-ford turn


Challenging Time Steps:

Toe Tap Time Step

Fake Wing Time Step

Traveling Time Step

Full-length dance combination:

This full-length tap dance combination is a 3+ minute routine utilizing advanced foundation steps taught in the DVD, as well as other foundation tap steps that we've taught in previous videos. Danced to a fast tempo big-band swing song, this combination is suitable to learn for live performance, or just for practicing in the comfort of your own home!

Two camera angles (front angle and side angle) help you see the instructor s feet as he dances the routines along with you.

Difficulty Level:Intermediate/Advanced

While our DVDs are great for dancers and non-dancers alike, users of this video should at least be familiar with basic tap dance technique found in VOL 1 - 3: BASIC, INTERMEDIATE, and TIME STEP BOOT CAMP, and/or in a live class.

Instructor Eli Newsom is the creator of the top-rated Tap Dance Made Easy DVD Series and Video PodClass. He has taught tap dance classes in San Francisco and New York City, where he currently resides. He has studied with some of the best tap instructors in the United States, and specializes in teaching tap to beginners with no previous experience, and to dancers/performers with previous experience who want to improve their rhythms and technique.
Eli Newsom
Release year:
Running time:
80 min.
For Rental: Available now


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