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Tap Dance Made Easy - Vol. 1: Basic - Eli Newsom

Tap Dance Made Easy - Vol. 1: Basic - Eli Newsom View large image
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From the Director

With this video, it was my goal to not forget what it was like to be an 'absolute beginner' in learning tap, and make the instruction as clear as possible, while still moving at a pace fast enough to keep the user engaged and challenged.

Each step is meticulously broken down and explained the process of creating the sounds, with an emphasis on correct body placement and accurate rhythm. Every step is taught and rehearsed with the right and left foot.

Every exercise is presented at 2 tempos: slow at first, then faster the second time through. Comments and helpful hints are given between each repetition.

You can clearly see my feet from the side camera angle in each and every exercise.

You can also see an on-screen display of the musical counts, for those of you who are visual learners.

Most importantly, the goal of the video is not to show you someone tap dancing and leaving it to you to guess how to do it, but to show you a way to develop for yourself a clear and definite technique for all of the basics of tap.

Happy tapping!

Eli Newsom teaches in NYC and San Francisco, and has studied with some of the best tap instructors in the United States. He specializes in teaching beginners with no previous experience, as well as dancers of all levels who want to improve their rhythms and technique.

Product Description
Special DVD features include:
Two camera angles: from the back, as if in a class, and from the side, showing a close-up of the instructor's feet.

Subtitle Feature: On-screen display of the musical counts.

Three Sections of the DVD:
Learn the Basics,
implement them into Exercises,
and learn a Combination incorporating everything you've learned!

Steps taught on the DVD:
Step, Touch, Step Heel, Ball Change, Hop / Leap, Hop Step, Shuffle, Shuffle Ball Change, Flap, Flap Ball Change, Stamp / Stomp, Paddles, Waltz Clog, Flap, Shuffle, Hop, Buffalo, and more!
Eli Newsom
Release year:
Running time:
95 min.
For Rental: Available now


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