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Sweat Unlimited Volume 1 - Sara Haley

Sweat Unlimited Volume 1 - Sara Haley View large image
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No Equipment - No Excuses - No Regrets

Intermediate-Advanced Level Aerobics & Toning

Get your sweat on with Sara Haley's Sweat Unlimited workout series! Sara designed this program, with 5 different workouts of increasing length (from 5 to 45 minutes), so that you always have a workout to fit into your busy schedule. Plus, all workouts are equipment free, so you can do them any time or any place. Sara's challenging exercises, safe modification options, and motivational coaching give you the tools that you need to transform your fitness goals into reality!

5.0 out of 5 stars Love this! February 25, 2013

By Wendy

This workout program works for me on so many levels. A gym membership does not work for me right now for several reasons (cost, my little ones scream when left in the gym babysitting service, etc...). Sara gives you so many options that you can go all week and do something different every day. I can get my workout during nap time or even in the morning as the kids love to do the cardio dance workout with me so I can keep an eye on them at the same time! I honestly don't focus much thought at all on fitness anymore but feel so much better after doing these workouts. Not just because I get some exercise but because Sara's attitude is so uplifting and happy!
Sara Haley
Aerobics / Cardio / Step, Dance Fitness, Dance Fitness, Strength & Conditioning
Release year:
Running time:
100 min.
For Rental: Highly Requested


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