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STROGATION - Stretch Yoga Meditation - Larysa Didio

STROGATION - Stretch Yoga Meditation - Larysa Didio View large image
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Imagine a program that combines the best and most effective exercises to get your body toned, fit and sexy with moves focused on creating lean, flexible and long lines, all while reducing stress and helping you get in touch with yourself? Designed by Top Celebrity Fitness Trainer & Expert, Larysa DiDio, “Strogation” is a revolutionary new program that combines the 'best of all worlds' - target stretching, yoga and meditation to help women look their absolute best and feel their most balanced. “

Strogation” will incorporate elements such as yoga, meditation and target stretching in a 5, 15 and 30-minute program that will help detox the body to lose weight, improve circulation, regulate digestion, stimulate the lymphatic system, reduce inflammation and in the end allow the body to heal itself from this one of kind program developed and proven by Larysa DiDio.

"You have to do a balance of different workouts: target stretching, yoga and meditation," DiDio explains, discussing the benefits of her “Strogation” program. "This program will provide a never seen before balance of a mix of traditional target stretching, yoga and meditation intended to ease those who aren't yogis or flexible, into a stretching and core routine that not only builds muscle and helps you lose weight, but eases aches, increases flexibility and diffuses stress at the same time.” The three programs are then broken down into three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced to provide a program for all to enjoy.
This routine can be done daily or every other day, alternating with light cardio. Detox cardio is about opening the lungs, expanding the chest, sweating lightly to release toxins, and generally de stressing your body. Basically do what type of cardio that makes you happy and feel good without it being too stressful.
This program promises to:
 help you lose weight by decreasing stress 
 help you sleep better
 increase your core muscle strength, total body strength and boost your metabolism
 decrease joint and muscular pain
 increase your energy and focus 
 decrease injury and increase joint stability
 increase your pain tolerance 
Larysa Didio
Aerobics / Cardio / Step, Balance and Stability, Fitness & Sports DVDs, Misc. Mind/Body, Specialty, Strength & Conditioning, Stretching, Weight Loss, Yoga
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