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Slim in 6 Disc #1 - Debbie Siebers (Beachbody)

Slim in 6 Disc #1 - Debbie Siebers (Beachbody) View large image
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avg.rating: 3.5
from 2 customers

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Slim in 6 Disc #1 - Start It Up!, Ramp It Up!, Slim & Limber, Slim & 6-Pack.

Slim in 6 Disc #2 - Burn It Up!, Slim & Limber, Slim & 6-Pack

5.0 out of 5 stars Great workout dvd!

By NaNa0708

Although I didn't purchase this dvd through amazon I felt the need to stop and write a review to tell everybody how fantastic this dvd is. I received it about 2 years ago as a gift and it just collected dust in the closet for a year until I finally decided it was time to get healthy, lose weight and tone up. Let me tell you this was the best decision I ever made. I have a gym membership and some of the time I do the aerboics classes and they don't even compare to being as good as this dvd. The thing I like the most is how you have the option to start off slow as a beginner and then increase to a higher intensity. This dvd literally works out every part and muscle in your body. Just to name a few are the triceps, biceps, abs, thighs, and much more. It really incorporates a good strategy of both cardio and stregth training into one workout. I absolutely love this dvd and would recommend it to anybody who wants to get in shape and be healthy. Since I started working out a year ago I have lost 45 lbs with a combination of the dvd and going to the gym!
Debbie Siebers
Strength & Conditioning, Stretching
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Member Reviews

Slim in 6 is a great workout to have in your collection. It helped me to get back into working out having taken a multi-year sabbatical from regular exercise. Start It Up is one of the best beginner workouts I have ever used. One winter, I used it everyday for 3 weeks to get ready for skiing. I never had any fatigue on the ski trip, and I worked the slopes pretty hard that year. Slim & Limber is the ABSOLUTE BEST stretching video ever! It hits all major muscles, even the neck (which video instructors tend to forget about). I also liked the use of the resistance bands which make these great for travel. One downside to SI6 is the repetitive factor. Doing it 6 days a week for 6 weeks, it can be boring. But after you've gotten started, you can add some other workouts for variety (I like Jillian, Bob Harper, Ellen Barrett, Kelly Coffey Meyer, Jessica Smith).


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