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Reinhardt Kettlebell System (RKS) Workout 15 & 16

Reinhardt Kettlebell System (RKS) Workout 15 & 16 View large image
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RKS is a full body workout that increases ones strength, endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning, all while simultaneously melting away unwanted body fat. Unlike other Cardio centric programs RKS is the first complete kettlebell system to provide the user with expert kettlebell instruction, "Kettlebells provide a much higher-intensity workout than standard weight-training routines and offer superior results in a short amount of time." 16 unique workouts that will transform your body over a 4 week program. "A person can easily burn several hundred calories in a brief period of time using these iron orbs, which makes them appealing to those looking for time-efficient results." Also, the RKS 30-minute training program only uses one kettlebell, making this the most versatile, well-rounded, completely portable gym anywhere. With weekly challenges built into the program, the user will also have a way to gauge progress over the training period.

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing Workout March 26, 2012

By Sydni P.

I am a very active 23 year old female who has enjoyed kettlebells for many years (lauren brooks dvd's are awesome!). I bought this dvd set to give me a few more options. I have fallen in love! These are the best videos. My back and shoulders have NEVER been so strong, even after spending hours in the gym.

I have to admit, I was a little hesitant because the commercials show TERRIBLE form. However, Doug Reinhart is only in a few of the videos. The girls who also do the workouts are wimps and have bad form as well; however, the actual trainer himself, the man who made the videos, has very good form and has made a very solid workout plan. If you are worried about having bad form, watch the instructional dvd. He explains everything in there. Or start with another video of Lauren Brookes for instructions. She is great as well!

All in all, for the price and value of this workout system, I couldn't be happier. The results I have seen have been phenomenal. I love it!

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