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POUND Rockout Workout Disc 2

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Core and Abs:
Core and Abs features Russian Twists, Oblique Crunches, and Earthquakes, among other moves, plus lots of hitting the sticks together and on the ground. As with Tune Up, the workout feels quite comfortable, but the next day your abs, core, and obliques will be protesting.
Cardio combines each of the other three workouts, with a few extra moves. The workout is customizable to suit the individual’s fitness level, with a modifier demonstrating an easier version. Advanced exercisers can go harder and pick up the pace.
The Pound Rockout Results Systems DVD contains nine total body workouts that will quickly elevate your heart rate and have you sweating. These include 4 x 30 minute Pound classes, 4 x interval challenges, and a 45-minute “live” class. All will elevate your heart rate and quickly have you sweating. There’s also a 101 How-To-Tutorial which contains everything you need to know to get the most from the program.
The workouts start with a 5-minute Warm-Up and a 5-Minute Cool-Down, making them 30 minutes long in total. Each provides a full-body workout.
The workouts are broken down into 4 x 5-minute segments containing different moves, with each segment being one song track long. Every five minutes the song and the drum rhythm changes, along with the moves. Muscle groups targeted include those of the lower body, the upper body, and the abs and core. One of the workouts is cardio-based, targeting the entire body.
Kirsten Potenza and Christina Peerenboom
Aerobics / Cardio / Step, Fitness & Sports DVDs, Specialty, Strength & Conditioning, Weight Loss
Release year:
Running time:
80 min.
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