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Pedal Power - Cathe Friedrich

Pedal Power - Cathe Friedrich View large image
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Cathe Friedrich's Pedal Power gives you a new challenge to master on your stationary bike. Get ready to put the pedal to the metal and cycle your heart out with Pedal Power. This is another hill pumping, heart thumping, speed jumping workout that leaves you soaked and spent.

Two water bottles and possibly even two towels are recommended to meet the demands of this workout!

Warm Up - 4:28 minutes

Workout - 46.39 minutes

Stretch - 7:09 minutes

Total - 58:16 minutes

Cathe has also added a fabulous new feature to her 2013 fitness releases. There are now three ways to listen to these workouts--Cathe's gift to you, and another way our DVDs give you more value for your money!

With Cathe's unique Triple Tracks Audio she's added a third track of instrumental music . Thus, you will be able to listen to your DVD in three different ways:

Vocals only (Cathe's voice only, no music)

Normal (Cathe's voice plus music with singer vocals)

Instrumental music (Cathe's voice plus instrumental music)

Triple Tracks Audio lets you enjoy your Cathe DVDs in different ways. If you don't like vocal music, now you can play just the instrumental version. If you prefer to play your own music you can select the vocals only option. Triple Tracks Audio is an industry first that should please the majority of workout enthusiast.

Intermediate to Advanced Indoor Cycling Workout
Cathe Friedrich
Cycling, Strength & Conditioning
Release year:
For Rental: Available now


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