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Metamorphosis Omnicentric Continuity 2.3.30 - Tracy Anderson

Metamorphosis Omnicentric Continuity 2.3.30 - Tracy Anderson View large image
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In order to continue your transformation after the first year of the Metamorphosis program, Tracy has developed progressive workouts for every body type so you never plateau. Tracy has catered this program to understand your body and creates sequences that are structured in a manner that continually change every ten days to strengthen your body, mind and attitude. Now that you’re committed to go the distance make the pledge to complete a whole second year of Metamorphosis workouts and take control of your health and physique. This package includes muscular structure workouts for the second year of the Metamorphosis program, along with three new dance cardio workouts, one for every three months.

Metamorphosis: Months 1 - 3

Metamorphosis is the beginning of your transformation. Once you have identified your body type, you will begin the 90-day program. Equipment needed: yoga mat, 3# hand weights

Metamorphosis: Months 4 - 6

This is designed to build on the fundamentals you have learned and excelled at in Metamorphosis. Included in Continuity 1.1 is a new dance cardio DVD as well as a bonus section of arm exercises to get added definition. TRACY TIP: The use of ankle weights during the leg lift sections of your workouts will really make the most of your muscular structure workout. Particularly for the glutecentric clients, ankle weights will help lift and tone your bottom, giving your butt a boost. It's important to remember that if you are not strong enough to complete the total number leg lifts repetitions with perfect form yet, you should not be adding ankle weights. Form is SO key when using ankle weights, so be sure that you are hitting the correct angles as you use them. Equipment needed: yoga mat, 3# hand weights, ankle & wrist weights (optional).

Metamorphosis: Months 7 - 9

Now that you have awakened your muscles in a whole new way, this level of Continuity is aimed at giving you a prescription to keep your body guessing and your muscles surprised. We’ll do this, in part, by incorporating ankle weights into your routine. This level of Continuity works within the layers of muscle so that you aren’t simply building muscle, but sculpting a longer, leaner, feminine structure from the inside out. This level also includes a new, 30-minute Cardio DVD to help maintain and increase your stamina. Equipment needed: yoga mat, 3# hand weights, ankle & wrist weights (optional).

Metamorphosis: Months 10 - 12

This level of Continuity is the final 3 months of your first year. There is an instructional video for the ball, as well as a new cardio disc. The ball is introduced in Continuity 1.2 and continues to be used throughout the Continuity DVDs. The ball is primarily used during the leg lifts section of the workouts, but is also used in the ab section as well. The ball promotes core stability and balance. It is an added challenge to the workouts as you now have to balance with both hands on the ball and do some of the leg lifts. Equipment needed: yoga mat, 3# hand weights, ankle & wrist weights (optional), exercise ball.

TRACY TIP: Be sure to not fully inflate as the ball should still dimple when you press it between your hands. The total inflation should be a little more than 3/4 full of air.

Metamorphosis Year 2: Months 1-3

Beginning year 2 of your transformation, this program is very advanced and builds on all the hard work you have completed over the past 12 months. The muscular structure work involves continued use of the ball, but also uses a dining room chair. The muscular structure work will continue to challenge you, while the cardio component introduces you to the use of a mini trampoline through a rebounding workout. If you need to familiarize yourself with the mini trampoline, please check out Tracy’s Tel Aviv trampoline series, available for free on the GoTracy YouTube channel. Equipment needed: yoga mat, 3# hand weights, ankle & wrist weights (optional), exercise ball, chair, rebounder.

TRACY TIP: Even though it is introduced in Continuity 2.0, the Rebounder is great for beginners to the method because it helps you become comfortable with jumping and propelling yourself off of the ground. It is great for existing clients because it adds a new type of cardio to your workout if you need a change. For those of you who have found that you have issues with dance cardio or are suffering from any ailments such as shin splints, the rebounder is a restorative type of cardio that is easy on your knees and joints.
Tracy Anderson
Aerobics / Cardio / Step, Dance Fitness, Dance Fitness, Strength & Conditioning
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