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Max 30 - Toby Massenburg

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It's time to take your body to its maximum potential! Fitness trainer Toby Massenburg takes you through two, high intensity, 30 minute workouts, geared to build a lean physique and incinerate unwanted fat. With the use of hand-weights and a step riser, these workouts are sure to leave you breathless and smiling. Still want more? As an added extra, check out the 10 minute bonus core section that's sure to help create a smaller waistline. Toby Massenburg is a nationally certified nutritionist and personal trainer and holds a degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in exercise sciences. Known as the new rising star in the fitness industry, Toby is one of the most celebrated fitness instructors and celebrity trainers in Los Angeles. In this long anticipated DVD, Toby brings his expertise and welcoming personality that's sure to bring jaw-dropping results!

5.0 out of 5 stars DECEPTIVELY HARD! LOVE, LOVE!, February 16, 2012

By jj8429 "Jill" (duluth, minnesota)

This review is from: Max 30 Exercise DVD - Toby Massenburg (Misc.)

This workout is one of the most efficient 30 minutes I've ever spent. All I can say is "excellent." The format is a 60/30 HIIT workout, meaning 60 seconds of work, followed by 30 seconds of rest. DO NOT BE DECEIVED.... the seconds add up and you will be breathing hard. If you don't find these workout advanced, then you're not using the proper amount of weight! There are three workouts, CARDIO using a step, a SCULPT workout, and a 10 minute core workout. All are fun and the time flies. Toby does an excellent job, his instruction and cueing are impeccable, making even your first time with this DVD absolutely do-able. My husband and I are very pleased with his new workout and hope he comes out with more! We are advanced exercisers and workout daily. This workout can be easier (just keep doing the base moves when Toby "steps on the gas") or you can make it harder by doing the advanced moves immediately during each 1 minute block. 100% FUN, FAST, AND EFFICIENT! Love this workout! Two thumbs up!
Toby Massenburg
Aerobics / Cardio / Step, Strength & Conditioning
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Loved this workout. It is advanced, although intermediates can modify. The emphasis is more on the lower body because my legs were fried from both the cardio and strength workouts. The format is great -- 30 second blocks with 30 second rests and increased intensity between blocks. Those breaks were essential in getting me through the workouts. I also liked the core segment. Toby has a fantastic personality, and I am excited to try his other workouts.


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