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JustBMethod Attitude Tu Ballet Pilates Fusion - Bernadette Giorgi

JustBMethod Attitude Tu Ballet Pilates Fusion - Bernadette Giorgi View large image
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Product Description

ATTITUDE TU: A UNIQUE BLEND OF BALLET, PILATES & MORE! The ATTITUDE BALLET PILATES FUSION classes in the Philadelphia area have become a popular workout for anyone looking to improve their balance, coordination, posture, and grace. ATTITUDE TU is the next step on your ATTITUDE journey. You'll receive challenging balance and unique strength techniques using exercise bands and fitness balls. Bernadette also incorporates classic Pilates mat with her signature "JUST b" touch! ATTITUDE TU is choreographed into five mini workouts, and the mat work is in four segments for a total of approximately 75 minutes. Additionally, you'll get MULTIPLE pre-mixes to give you limitless training options!

The Class

*2 Bonus tutorial sections covering Ballet & mat basics!

*Modern Ballet Rhythmic Warm Up

*Simple center barre exercises can be performed free-standing, with a barre or chair to shape & tone legs & rear while working your balance.

*Uses optional stretch bands for strength & sculpting upper body.

*Pilates-inspired mat for flat abs, trim waist, lean shapely legs & rear.

*This DVD has premixes for a variety of workout options!

A system of training the body and mind, combining the most effective and transformative principles of Pilates, Ballet, Modern Dance, Martial Arts, and Resistance Training. The result is a toned, beautifully balanced and strong physique.

Bernadette Giorgi is a proud Mom, a TV Fitness expert, a certified Pilates & fitness trainer, a Martial Artist, and is the Creator of the Just B Method.
Bernadette Giorgi
Dance Fitness, Dance Fitness, Instructional, Instructional, Pilates
Running time:
75 min.
For Rental: Available now


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