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Just Walk: Walk to the Hits: Pary Songs - Leslie Sansone

Just Walk: Walk to the Hits: Pary Songs - Leslie Sansone View large image
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We've all heard it before. The most effective workout is the one you actually DO! So motivation is the key, and music is one of the best motivators. Great music makes your workout more fun and keeps you exercising because you LOOK FORWARD to it. That's why Leslie created WALK TO THE HITS.

Walk to the Hits features hit music and High Intensity Interval Training (aka HIIT) it's the perfect combination! Hit music pumps up your pace, and HIIT training alternates between bursts of all out effort and periods of recovery, allowing you to walk a shorter session and blast away as many calories as you would in a longer one.

A study published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness showed that women who completed a 12 week HIIT program lost more weight than a group who performed longer sessions of moderate intensity cardio. The HIIT group also lost MORE BELLY FAT. In short, walking to the hits using HIIT training is a sure-fire way to fire-up your walk!

For this program, Leslie took some of her favorite party songs and combined them with fresh new Walk At Home moves to create a 3 mile walk like none other. It's pure party energy!! You know how the music you hear at the best parties makes you want to move and just feels good? Well this walk has it! It's like a great, big calorie burning celebration!
Leslie Sansone
Strength & Conditioning, Walking/Running/Treadmill
Release year:
Running time:
47 min.
For Rental: Available now


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