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GymABstics #2 - Body Booster Total Body Fitness Program

GymABstics #2 - Body Booster Total Body Fitness Program View large image
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GymABstics 2, Body Booster, is a high-energy workout designed to really rev up your engine while adding strength and tone to all areas of your body. Filled with innovative exercises for your upper body, lower body, and core, this fast-paced routine will utilize many muscle groups simultaneously and combine many exercises back-to-back. Body Booster will jumpstart your metabolism and boost your overall energy levels by helping you burn a tremendous number of calories. In Month 2 of the GymABstics Program - "Body Booster" - others will start to take notice of your increased energy level. After already building a strong physical foundation and making some incredibly important changes in your nutrition, your body will now have begun to adjust to your more active and efficient lifestyle. During this month, you're going to be doing some workouts that will really boost your metabolism. They'll be fun, fast-paced, and designed to use many of the basic positions and exercises you learned in month 1 to really rev up your engine and help you burn some serious calories. You'll be sleeping better than ever before, and with this month's nutrition topic, you'll really start to see the importance of eating frequent healthy meals and snacks throughout the day. Along with your newly boosted energy level and metabolism, others will notice a significant elevation in your mood as well.
Jay Thornton, Andy Thornton
Sports Specific, Strength & Conditioning
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