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Gorgeous Core - Suzanne Bowen

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Gorgeous Core is your answer to developing long, lean abs, a tight and controlled midsection (no muffin top!), a strong, toned back, great posture, and sculpted muscles from head to toe. The six segments are jam-packed with flowing, targeted exercises specifically designed to get deep into those hard to reach muscles to totally tone, lift and tighten. Choose one or two segments, mix and match them or do the full program for a total body challenge. Segments include: Lean, Long & Strong......... 12 MINUTES Using a combination of Pilates-inspired moves and strong isometric ab work, you’ll totally target the deepest layers of your core muscles for a flat belly and strong, toned midsection. Classic Ab work.................... 12 MINUTES It’s traditional ab exercises with a twist! The key here is total control (not reps and speed), so you get more for your core! Sleek Physique..................... 12 MINUTES This segment hits the midsection from ALL directions using planks, side planks and t-stands. Metabolism Bootcamp.... 12 MINUTES It’s ALL about burning and firming here! This segment works all the major muscle groups to burn calories, and blast fat. ABsolute Challenge!.......... 7 MINUTES This extreme ab challenge is seven minutes chockfull of advanced exercises to totally chisel and define the abs and back. Total Core Fast Blast........ 5 MINUTES This is your five minute “on-the go” Core Challenge – do it anytime, anywhere!

5.0 out of 5 stars A "Must Have" DVD for the Core, September 10, 2010

Hannah Holland

This review is from: Gorgeous Core with Suzanne Bowen (DVD)

"Gorgeous Core" is a definite must-have for anyone looking for a proper core work out! Everything about the DVD is brilliant. From the high energy music to the different video segments that are offered! "Sleek Physique" is definitely my favorite 'workout' on the DVD, with the use of planks and t-stands i can feel every part of my core working as well as getting amazing shoulder, arm, and back work. I really adore the way Suzanne "teaches" the video and explains everything in such great detail. She's definitely an encouraging and inspiring instructor!

I have bought my share of "core" workouts and this one certainly blows all the others out of the water. It's not your average workout and your whole body will feel great once you are finished with the DVD not just your midsection. I am definitely integrating this DVD into my fitness regimen!
Suzanne Bowen
Strength & Conditioning
Running time:
60 min.
For Rental: Highly Requested


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