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FitPrime Steamin' Cardio - Kelsie Cardio

FitPrime Steamin' Cardio - Kelsie Cardio View large image
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This is a thorough, difficult 52 min. 'Box, Kick & Punch' routine plus floor core and stretch (2003 Release). Cardio is redefined with a long phase of 'never-seen-before' moves. Multiple types of-activities (kick-boxing, tall box climbs, boot-camp drills, 4-limbed dumbbell patterns, and military-type calisthenics) are used to keep the heart rate high. Special sculpting is included for the core, chest and triceps.

Kelsie, a natural athlete, is a total dynamo in this electrifying performance. She jumps higher and runs faster than all the rest.

Equipment: 14" step & light dumbbells.

Exactly what I had hoped it would be!

By doctor_beth #1 HALL OF FAMETOP 50 REVIEWERVINE VOICE on April 10, 2006

This is the fifth video I've tried from the old FitPrime series. I've found the FitPrime workouts to be quite quirky, but I think that's what I like about them. In particular, I appreciate the variety of unique moves, particularly those using the tall box/high step combined with basic choreography and providing an overall great workout. Lately, I've really been enjoying Tracie Long's Fast Cheetah, and I was hoping that Steamin' Cardio would provide another fun, cardio-focused workout. I'm happy to report that this video is exactly what I had hoped it would be-I love it!

The Steamin' Cardio DVD is very well-chaptered as listed below. I've added my own brief descriptions of each segment as well as approximate times. The only equipment used for this workout is the tall box and a set of light dumbbells.

1. Credits

2. Intro

3. Warm Up, 3 minutes. Basic steps and some fun punches provide a good full-body warm up.

4. Tree Stretch, 4 minutes. Includes a few nice hip opening moves.

5. Sashay, 3:45 minutes. A side-to-side sashay combined with repeater knees and kicks.

6. Steppy Squats, 2 minutes. Squats combined with bicep curls and rear leg extensions.

7. Press Punch, 2 minutes. Tall step presses with a punch combination.

8. Hippy Curls, 3:40 minutes. A more dancey segment with lots of swaying hip moves; the choreography was a bit more complicated here, as it included turns/pivots.

9. Handstands, 2:40 minutes. Handstands from a seated on box position-you place your hands on the floor and jump up lifting your hips. These were combined with tricep dips/jacks and "springs" (sit, hover, jump to stand), making this a tough segment.

10. Lunge Row, 2 minutes.
Kelsie Cardio
Aerobics / Cardio / Step, Kick Boxing / Martial Arts, Strength & Conditioning
Running time:
52 min.
For Rental: Available now


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