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Fit Split Low Impact Cardio Metabolic Conditioning - Cathe

Fit Split Low Impact Cardio Metabolic Conditioning - Cathe View large image
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Low Impact Cardio / Metabolic Conditioning
This DVD will begin with a low impact cardio segment which will include new and favorite HiiT movements to challenge your stamina while being gentler on your joints. The cardio will be followed by a metabolic weight routine that will have a strong upper body focus.
Fit Split is comprised of 4 DVDs that will each include a short, but intense cardio routine followed by a focused weight routine. The purpose of this series is to allow an exerciser to easily fit their cardio and lifting into their routine in ways that are both time efficient and yet equally effective for hitting all areas of the body. So, if you're short on time yet still looking for the best way to get the most comprehensive training routine, this series is for you. There are a few ways we'll accomplish these goals. One of these ways is by utilizing Push/Pull training techniques. Separating the pull muscles from the push muscles will allow for maximum muscle recruitment multiple days in a row while providing ample rest for one set of muscles while another is working. The cardio types in this series are varied, creating a cross training effect, to assist in strengthening your overall endurance. I've also included a lower body focused workout and a metabolic training workout to round out the series and keep your muscles confused and working at their highest capacity. As an added bonus to accomplishing your goals there will be Fit Split Premixes. These premixes will allow you to "split" your workout into separate cardio and strength routines each day allowing you to do your cardio in the morning and your strength routine in the evening - or you can do them on separate days.
Aerobics / Cardio / Step, Fitness & Sports DVDs, Strength & Conditioning, Weight Loss
Release year:
Running time:
47 min.
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