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Drop Two Sizes Disc #4 - Rachel Cosgrove

Drop Two Sizes Disc #4 - Rachel Cosgrove View large image
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Rachel Cosgrove designed the Drop Two Sizes DVD Program so you can do it in your living room! To start, you'll just need one pair of dumbbells, a sturdy step or nearby staircase, and a foam roll. Rachel recommends you simply weigh your purse, then choose two dumbbells that match that weight. So if your purse weighs 8 pounds, you'll start with two 8-pound dumbbells. It's that easy! As you progress through the 12-week program, you'll want to increase the weights you're using — to drop those sizes even faster.

Save Time and Burn More Fat!

In the Drop Two Sizes DVD Program, you'll do three strength workouts a week and one "metabolic" cardio workout per week. Each strength workout takes less than an hour, and each metabolic cardio workout lasts less than 30 minutes. Do the math, and you'll discover that's just 2% of your week! Plus, not a single second of your day — or workout — will be wasted. While others have to drive back and forth to the health club, you'll spend that time burning more fat instead — for a better body with less hassle!

How to use these DVDs

On each of the 6 DVDs, you'll find both a foam roller routine and a warm up routine. You should do these routines before every workout. The 12-week program is divided into three 4-week phases. Do the phases in order, starting with Phase 1 (discs #1 and #2). For each phase, there are two types of workouts: Strength and Metabolic. Alternate between the Strength Workouts - Strength 1 and Strength 2 - in each phase three days a week, resting a day between each session. So in your first week, you might do Strength 1 on Monday and Friday and strength 2 on Wednesday. In the second week, you would do Strength 2 on Monday and Friday and Strength 1 on Wednesday. Alternate between the Metabolic Workouts each week, doing one the day after your last Strength Workout. So in week 1, you'd do the Timed Metabolic Workout on Saturday, and in week 2, you'd do the Countdown Metabolic Workout.

Don't step on your scale even once during this 12 week program. Instead, you should focus on how your clothes are fitting!
Rachel Cosgrove
Aerobics / Cardio / Step, Strength & Conditioning, Weight Loss
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