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Deborah Vogel - The Standing Leg

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In this indispensable DVD, Deborah explores problems dancers have stabilizing the standing leg so that the working leg can move freely and fully.

Three major problems are covered in this DVD:

Keeping the pelvis upright while shifting to one leg while the working leg goes back to tendu or arabesque;

Keeping the pelvis from rotating inward as you work the gesture leg;

Inability of the abdominals to stabilize the pelvis/torso while the legs and arms are gesturing

Deborah works with student dancers in this DVD, and shows you how to increase your ability to identify, evaluate, and correct these common problems. Learn the "miracle stretch" which will increase the height of your arabesque. Learn abdominal exercises (not crunches) which actively train you to stabilize your pelvis in the upright position. In the end, you will gain a deeper understanding of the important anatomical factors which will allow you to move and balance more effortlessly and gracefully on the standing leg.

Deborah Vogel is a dancer, author, and master teacher who conducts workshops across the U.S. for both student and professional dancers. Her numerous articles on dance technique and injury prevention have appeared in Dance Spirit, Dance Teacher and Pointe magazines. For information on her products and services, or to sign up for her free Dancing Smart Newsletter, go to

Review for The Standing Leg:

I will start off with the statement that I am not a dancer, not even close. I did take lessons, but just never got it. However, still feel confident that ABSOLUTELY EVERY aspiring dancer should rent this video!!! Read more and hopefully you will understand why I make this statement and also why I think this DVD should be subtitled “Why Pilates (vs strength training) for dancers”, other than the obvious not wanting to have bulky muscles? This many sound crazy, since the teacher never even mentions pilates. However, as someone who has done pilates regularly for several years (I even own a professional reformer, but have never had teacher training), the things she mentions like weak core (because DUH! dancers often don’t exercise it much) reminded me instantly of pilates. She inadvertently answers questions I have always wondered about. Such as, why does pilates focus so much on core work or why do you press you back into the floor/reformer? I have always wondered about some of these things, now it makes so much sense. In addition, by understanding the whys, I think it will really help the quality of my pilates routine. This video explains it all including excellent muscle information with dancers demonstrating the right and wrong way to do positions/steps. She also talks about the (now popular in many mixed discipline videos) lacing the abs (zipper) to make them long. There are also some great stretches and DIFFERENT exercises (most not even pilates based) that I will definitely be adding to my exercise regime, especially the ones for balance. I honestly can’t imagine why most of this is not taught in any ballet class (or additional class covering this info recommend/required) focused on those wanting to become professional/serious dancers that are old enough to understand it. Again, while I am not a dancer, I can see the wisdom in avoiding (or doing less of) certain common strength training exercises like crunches and legs lifts just to keep the body looking long and tall. I will still do regular strength training (for strength), but mixed in with a variety of dance and pilates videos. If properly schooled about how pilates relates to this, I think it may help encourage serious dancers to try adding pilates to their schedule. As a bonus, as a layperson it has helped me better understand some of the judges criticism in the programs like So You Think You Can Dance.


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