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Cycle - All Terrain w/ Brooke Hayward

Cycle - All Terrain w/ Brooke Hayward View large image
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Cycle - All Terrain will give you the feel of an actual outdoor bicycle ride while indoors. The workout is designed for all levels. First time cyclists should just do the Warm-up ride, Cool-down, and Stretch (14 minutes), Beginner level cyclists can do the Warm-up and the Pace Line ride. Pace Line is an interval type ride that leads the rider through fast and slow speeds similar to racing in a pack of cyclists (28 minutes), Intermediate level cyclists will do the Warm-up, Pace Line and The Climb. The Climb instructs the rider to increase the intensity similar to climbing a big hill (40 minutes), Advanced level cyclists will do the Warm-up, Pace Line, The Climb and Rolling Hills. Rolling Hills instructs the rider through various speeds and intensity changes similar to riding up and down hills (58 minutes).

The DVD also has Workout Options and Mix & Match Options to personalize you own ride.

Beginning Ride (14 minutes)

Intermediate Ride (28 minutes)
Advanced Ride (40 minutes)
Long Advanced Ride (58 minutes)

Brooke Hayward is currently the director of the Spinning program for Club LaMaison Health and Fitness in Wayne, PA. With over 15 years in the fitness industry she holds Group Exercise Certifications with ACE and AFFA and is a personal trainer with IFTA. Brooke has achieved her level 3 Spinning Instructor Certification and enjoys cycling throughout France and the United States including three legs of the 2005 Tour de France. Brooke is a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado with a BS in Business Administration and lives in Devon, PA with her family.
Brooke Hayward
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