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Chair Dancing A New Concept in Aerobicc Fitness - Jodi Stolove

Chair Dancing A New Concept in Aerobicc Fitness - Jodi Stolove View large image
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Chair Dancing is a fun and convenient way to get aerobic exercise and improve muscle tone and flexibility. You'll do the cha-cha, the can-can, a tap dance and much more while seated comfortably in a chair. Originally scored music and up-beat choreography make Chair Dancing the fitness program you'll look forward to doing regularly. Three exercise levels show you how to adapt the program to your current fitness ability. You'll continue to be challenged as your endurance improves. When you exercise the Chair Dancing way, you'll enjoy aerobic fitness like never before!

The best aerobic workout you can do while sitting.
By Thomas Hagens on October 1, 2009
In the 90's, I was actually certified as an aerobics instructor for 4 years. Last year, after a serious automobile accident due to a careless driver, I had to have my ankle rebuilt. A year later, I had to have the metal removed due to infection. I still have to wear a brace so I decided to look around for an exercise routine that could be done in a chair and ran across this DVD. I ordered it and have been using it ever since. Jodi does everything right in this video. Checking your pulse is done at the proper intervals and the chart of where you should be at that time is displayed. She does an excellent warm up and stretch. Muscles should be properly stretched when the muscles are warm and she does that. Her toning exercises work all the muscles. I was surprised at how well the abdominals are worked throughout this video (even more so than most standing aerobics during the cardiovascular section). You will sweat and feel the burn. The routines are fun. The people working out with her are in color coded outfits. When you watch the video you will see that the colors represent various intensities performed by the groups. Working out with her are some young children, physically fit, middle aged, senior citizens, and some with weight problems. The cool down and stretch stretches all those muscles you just worked out. She uses paper plates in some of the routines but that is not necessary for the routines. The music is great and adds to the fun. I was so impressed I am ordering three other DVDs (as soon as I'm done here).
Jodi Stolove
Aerobics / Cardio / Step, Specialty, Strength & Conditioning
Running time:
45 min.
For Rental: Available now


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