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Burlesque Beat

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Burlesque Beat is not just another aerobic exercise program, it combines exciting dance moves with exotic stretches to create an all over cardio and body sculpting workout. Burlesque Beat is a dance-inspired fitness class full of fun achievable moves designed to turn you into a vibrant, sexy woman. Rodney James, one of Australia's most respected, passionate and inspirational fitness instructors, shows you the body-shaping benefits of dance which he uncovered during a successful international performance career. His enthusiasm and true passion for dance dissolves doubts and self-consciousness, enabling the most timid individual to move more confidently than ever. Rodney's video instruction has a room full of beautiful models to demonstrate to you all the sexy moves you ll need to know. - Check out Mr. B's boots!

5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful! Five Stars From Me!, July 1, 2010

By Erin (France)

This review is from: BURLESQUE BEAT: SEXY FITNESS DANCE WORKOUT with Rodney James (DVD)

Think Gay-Club meets Housewife! This is a beginner/intermediate burlesque routine. If you are a hardcore dancer, this will be too slow. If you're an average person, this is perfect for pretending you're performing on the stage. There's a longer final-dance routine and more detailed instruction than the scant PussyCat Dolls workout or Carmen Electra's DVDS. I love PCD and Carmen, but Rodney James did such a great job on this one. It walks the fine-line between dance/fun/fitness. Hard to get all three of those even in a work-out, but he does.

The all-important final dance is 3.5 minutes of a cabaret act of medium careful-moves intensity. It is NOT a super-fast routine you can't keep up with. What it does have is quick full-body moves that look very vampy and condition your arms, legs, back, etc. This is not a heavy-foot chorography routine where you won't be able to get fast enough to the next place; it's very natural and flows but is in time with the energizing dance beat.

The main final routine is dressed-up! Part chair-dance with sassy-ness and cheek and part floor-work, rolling around down there, half pushups, twisting at times to get up, etc. Lots of sexy walking around chairs, draping yourself and your legs overtop them and around them. The music is great:--it's a fast 80's dance-club beat that's not annoying; the songs are catchy and fun. This is burlesque 101.

Rodney himself is pure flamboyance in his black, patent-leather high-heeled boots and sexy mini-shorts. He's so caring and encouraging to his audience. There's an ending low-intensity chorography and final dance, as well, for a group of girlfriends to learn, very simple, less complex than the main dance. It could be used almost as a cool down. It's clear from Rodney's warm Austrailian accent that he has a great attitude and wants you to dance, be fabulous, and celebrate yourself. I do feel like a REAL dancer in this routine because I learned one! - and if you do it in heels, it's an extra-sexy challange for the legs. Rodney, you did a great job, hope you're working on part two.
Rodney James
Aerobics / Cardio / Step, Dance Fitness, Dance Fitness, Specialty
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60 min.
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