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Blood Type Workout B #1 - Ellen Barrett, Dr. Joseph Cristiano

Blood Type Workout B #1 - Ellen Barrett, Dr. Joseph Cristiano View large image
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Introducing the 6 Week Blood Type Workout Program - a revolutionary, scientific breakthrough that will help you lose weight dramatically based on your body's biological needs. You'll get the body you SHOULD be living in, and WANT to be living in, in 6 short weeks!

The key to the program is that it taps into the specific characteristics of your blood type - your body's Genetic Code. Using this Genetic Code as a customized road map for how to exercise and eat, you'll synch up with your body's needs and immediately drop pounds, feel better, lean out, and start changing your physique forever. Never before have you experienced something quit so life-changing...because you're literally giving your body exactly what it needs, based on your biological profile.

The 6 Week Blood Type Workout DVDs were scientifically engineered and designed by the most elite trainers in the world to align with your natural cellular rhythm. The workouts will feel RIGHT for you, and are balanced and created for each blood type to totally change YOUR body.

Blood type workouts features and benefits:

- Your DNA workout to lose weight

- Reprograms your metabolism to lose fat fast

- No starving yourself or going to the gym

- Helps you get into great shape in just 6 weeks

Equipment Needed: stability ball, #1 sand (or other) weights, resistance band
Ellen Barrett, Dr. Joseph Cristiano
Aerobics / Cardio / Step, Specialty, Strength & Conditioning
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