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Barlates Body Blitz, Sculpt it Series - Linda Wooldridge

Barlates Body Blitz, Sculpt it Series - Linda Wooldridge View large image
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Pyramid Lower (32 mins): You will see squats with angled front and back kicks to warm up, then a straight and diagonal lunge combination with knees, kicks and crouching knees, you will move to a half moon combination with plie squat and side leg raises to the front and to the back, and finally a down dog glute raise combination with bent, straight and cross over raises.

Break It Down (39 mins): You will start off with some squats and kicks to warm up, then move into a standing and crouching lunge to glute raise combination that ends with a mini handstand, a down dog to front leg plant kick through and back rotation leg raise combination and finally an oblique single and double leg raise to plank hip dip combination to finish.

Build It Up (41 mins): You will see squats with knees and kicks, back lunges with leg raises and plank switches, down dog leg raises and 1 legged push-ups, side lunges to knee ups and kicks and a fun reverse plank hip thrust to plank move.

Mat Workout (36 mins): You will see down dog to plank variations with knee pulls, cross over glute raises, side to side rotations, then side kneeling leg raises and knee to elbow crunches, a teaser variation, some back extension and push-up work and a hip opening total body combination to finish.
Linda Wooldridge
Fitness & Sports DVDs, Strength & Conditioning
Release year:
Running time:
148 min.
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