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Barlates Barre Bell HIIT - Linda Wooldridge

Barlates Barre Bell HIIT - Linda Wooldridge View large image
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This DVD consists of three barre kettlebell fusion interval workouts that can be done all together for a 92 minute total body blaster or mix and matched to suit any schedule.

After a warm up you will use intervals of 50 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest to blast calories and tighten all those trouble zones. Each workout will alternate between kettlebell exercises to spike the heart rate and barre exercises to lengthen and define. You will burn fat and sculpt lean muscle with these high energy, unique combinations! Finish up with a relaxing stretch to lengthen all the muscles you just worked.


Barre Bell HIIT Upper (25 mins): Build strong, defined arms with traditional kettlebell exercises and light weight, high repetition barre exercises. Fast paced and non-stop to give you maximum results in minimum time!

Barre Bell HIIT Lower (25 mins): This one is a total sweat-fest! Targeting all your larger muscle groups with the kettlebells your heart rate will stay high throughout with just enough time to catch your breath during the barre style lengthening combos.

Barre Bell HIIT Core (25 mins): Whittle your waist, flatten your stomach and tighten those love handles with this unique barre bell core workout. Work your core standing, seated and lying to hit every angle and build a sculpted mid-section!
Linda Wooldridge
Dance Fitness, Dance Fitness, Strength & Conditioning
Release year:
Running time:
92 min.
For Rental: Available now


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