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Ballet Body - Jazzercise

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Featuring Certified Jazzercise Instructors Emily Tyson, Emily Newlands and Ashley McConnell. Get the dancer's body you've always wanted with Ballet Body by Jazzercise. This flowing, feel good workout combines full-body basic ballet movements with the upbeat energy of Jazzercise. Targeted sculpting and toning exercises combined with the rhythm and flexibility of dance will help you attain that long, sleek dancer's physique. Strengthen and lengthen your muscles for proper posture and grace for life. Choose to work the entire body or focus on trouble zones with our special ab and leg burn sections. Tighten and lift the booty, sculpt the legs and flatten the abs in the full length ballet inspired workout. If you're pressed for time, the 20-minute version gives you an accelerated tune-up. No ballet experience needed. No tutus required. Ballet Body by Jazzercise includes: Total Body Workout, Accelerated Workout, 10-minute Ab Burn and 10-minute Leg Burn workout options.

5.0 out of 5 stars Graceful, Challenging, Strengthening Workout!, February 11, 2012

By Jenny S.H. (Hawaii/Upstate NY)

This review is from: Ballet Body by Jazzercise (DVD)

I don't have jazzercise classes nearby so have 4 DVDs, and I'm so glad this is one of them! I warm up with a 30-min Jazzercise routine then do this one 1 or 2x a week. It was hard at first, like any new exercise, but in addition to the 40 minute workouts, I also use the 10 minute ab burn/leg burn after my regular Jazzercise workouts. It's a great bonus, and helps keep you conditioned on the days you don't do the full 40-min workout.

I took 2 intro to ballet classes, so am a little familiar with some of the moves and positions. This DVD has great exercises that really do work your legs, abs, and because they also try to maintain the carriage of the arms, you get a mean arm workout...even when the focus is legs! There are also some Pilates moves and a really nice stretch at the end. (Sometimes during my other workouts, I pop this DVD in and skip to the 5-minute stretch at the end!) I don't sweat during this workout because it's not cardio, but your muscles definitely DO get a workout!

The instructors are really great and their voices are all very encouraging and motivating. The music is upbeat, not like classical ballet music. Jazzercise workouts always give you a modified (easy) and advanced (hard) option, including this one, which is great, since it's another way to check your progress.

I've had this DVD since Thanksgiving and have gotten stronger and more flexible. I can finally touch my toes (I am at a healthy weight, just not super flexible!) and my hip flexors don't get as sore as they used to. I'm really happy with this DVD, go get one today!
Emily Tyson, Emily Newlands, Ashley McConnell
Dance Fitness, Dance Fitness, Strength & Conditioning
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40 min.
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