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Ashtanga Yoga: Primary Series - Kino MacGregor

Ashtanga Yoga: Primary Series - Kino MacGregor View large image
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Watch Kino MacGregor present the traditional Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series as she learned it in Mysore, India from her teachers Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Rangaswamy. Shot on location at Miami Life Center, the strength and flexibility demonstrated here are meant as an inspiration to begin, renew, continue and deepen your daily yoga practice with a qualified teacher. As you see Kino gracefully move in and out of the fluid vinyasa system called Ashtanga Yoga, you get a taste of the deep and lasting benefits that a dedicated yoga practice brings on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

A Great Ashtanga DVD October 1, 2009

By R. Siemens

In this video, Kino MacGregor demonstrates the entire Ashtanga primary series. Her demonstration is a tour de force: for precision and technical virtuosity it's simply breathtaking. This is perhaps the only yoga video I've seen that one can simply sit back and watch for its pure "performance value." As an instructional video, it is also very good. Kino takes the series at a comfortable pace and accompanies it with concise, effective commentary throughout. For advanced practitioners, she offers non-traditional variations that increase the difficulty level, while for advanced beginners she offers many simpler variations. The advanced options appear conveniently in boxes in the corner of the screen as the series progresses, but the beginners' variations unfortunately (and less conveniently) are confined to a separate part of the DVD to which you have to fast forward. As an "advanced beginner" myself, Mark Darby's and Melanie Fawer's videos will probably remain my favorites for now simply because they contain more variations and instruction aimed at less experienced yogis. For more advanced practitioners, this DVD will no doubt shoot to the top of the list, along with John Scott's recent excellent DVD of the primary series.

Kino MacGregor is the co-founder of Miami Life Center, a space for Ashtanga yoga, holistic health and consciousness on Miami Beach, where she and her husband Tim Feidmann teach together ( She is the youngest woman out of a select few people in the world to receive the certification to teach Ashtanga Yoga by its founder Sri K. Pattabhi Hois in Mysore, India.
Kino MacGregor
Release year:
Running time:
90 min.
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