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Aerobics To Go - Marcos Prolo

Aerobics To Go - Marcos Prolo View large image
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Get the best out of both worlds by mixingi low and high impact choreography. This action-packed aerobics workout will show you how easy it is to add high intensity moves to low impact patterns. Known for his creative style and innovative break down techniques, Marcos will guide you through combination that are fun to teach and easy to do! All combinations can also be taught without any impact or turns...a must for all instructors that teach beginning level aerobics.

Intermediate - Advanced Levels

Warm Up & Workout: 55 Minutes
Cool Down: 3 Minutes

My Brief Overview:

Created for group fitness instructors, this workout was packed with fun choreography and a good (looking) lead! The instruction is one-on-one (no supporting cast).

Marcos has a slight Latin accent and is virtually right-on in his cueing. There were plenty of "unique" moves such as the "reverse grapvine", "alternating and turning hamsting curls with a double side leap" and "a double knee step touch turn with ham curls at the end". I plan on implementing those in my own cardio classes!

The workout is strictly the AFAA's "The Link Method, (add-on method)" or "taking it from the top", and it seems like it takes forever to put it together, but I noticed along with his Double Step Workout, he is METICULOUS about breaking down. He seems to make all his steps look so easy. The music, to me, wasn't "all that". It was purely instrumental, however, it was a soundtrack I've not heard before. This is a plus!

Marcos' style reminds me of Kari Anderson, dancey, yet do-able. So for those of you who enjoy her, you've just gotta try him out! Since I wear my Capezio Jazz Sneakers when I do high-low or dancey type vids, I would caution exercisers with tenny's on carpeted surfaces. There's a definite "Latin" feel with the pivots and mambo-cha cha moves, so make sure you modify to protect your knees.

This DVD had me flying throughout and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I give it an A- Giving the (-) because the music could have been MUCH better, but it was tolerable.

Myra M.
Marcos Prolo
Aerobics / Cardio / Step
Running time:
60 min.
For Rental: Available now


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