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20 Minute Body Program I: Cardio Capoeira DVD - Brett Hoebel

20 Minute Body Program I: Cardio Capoeira DVD - Brett Hoebel View large image
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No more worrying about finding time to go to the gym or even finding an hour in your hectic day to workout. With his approach, you’ll sweat, you’ll get excited, and you’ll be amazed at the results you’ll see with just 20 minutes a day. That’s the same time it takes to read one chapter of your favorite book. The 20 Minute Body is more than just workouts, but mind over body and finding your fitness from within. Learn more about all the programs included in the 20 Minute Body.

-HIIT: High-Intensity Interval Training workouts are shorter, more challenging, and unleash a host of fat burning hormonal changes from the inside out that allows you to cut your training time in half.

-Zero to 60: By combining HIIT workouts with Functional Training (FT) and Cardio-Strength Training (CST) exercises, your body can safely progress from zero to 60 without injury or too much muscle soreness which are two of the main reasons why people quit training.

-The “Afterburn” Effect: The more you push your nervous system in short, timed intervals, the more energy or calories your body has to burn to come back to a normal state of equilibrium and rest. The scientific principle behind this concept is called EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), which creates an Afterburn effect where your body and metabolism are literally burning more calories for hours after a workout to return to a state of rest.

-Go Lean, Go Green, Go Clean: Proper nutrition that you actually enjoy and will cook, is more than half the challenge when getting in-shape. The program includes delicious 20 minute recipes and healthy nutrition tips that will help you go lean, green and clean.

-No Gym Necessary: With either your own bodyweight or minimal equipment, you can do the workouts at home or on the road…no gym, no excuses.

-Five Moves To Fit: Each workout has an average of five Big-Bang exercises, which use multiple muscles and burn the most amount of calories. These exercises are divided into Strength, Cardio or Core and Brett has also added a little Brazilian flare by adding some moves from the Brazilian martial art/dance capoeira. The moves are easy to learn, fun and sequenced in a specific order to optimize fat loss.
Brett Hoebel
Aerobics / Cardio / Step, Kick Boxing / Martial Arts, Strength & Conditioning
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